About Mother’s Maids

What do you get when you combine the convenience of today’s internet technology with professional home cleaning?

Two words: Mother’s Maids!

Mother’s Maids is a Seattle-based cleaning company that wants to provide not only a convenient way to book your next cleaning, but also a quality clean that is second to none.

If you’ve ever gone through the process of hiring a cleaner or maid, you realize it’s just that - a process. At Mother’s Maids, the traditional way of requesting a quote, or what we’d like to refer to as the “Request Quote, Wait, and Wait Some more dance,” is a thing of the past.

We’ve simplified the process with a one-page instant quote checkout. Fill in a few details about yourself and the cleaning, pre-pay, and Voila! You’re Done!

Now, instead of waiting a few days for just the price estimate, you have your cleaning booked in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee - any time or day of the week. This gives you more time to focus on more important things in your life and a piece of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

Mother's Maids Values

You wouldn't want just anyone cleaning your home. That's why at Mother’s Maids we’ve gone through an extensive vetting process to ensure you only have the best. Along with a thorough background check, maids have been hand-selected with the following qualities in mind:


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We improve people's lives one clean home at a time and strive to ensure each clean is up to par to the most discerning of eyes. Each cleaning represents something to be proud of and it makes us happy when you're happy. However, if we didn't quite hit on all your marks for what you consider to be a thorough clean, we'll re-clean at no extra charge.

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