The Mother's Maids Way


  • The MOVE IN cleaning was fantastic!  I'm kind of surprised you got to some areas with all the boxes laying around.  The extras for the movein was well worth it.  The fridge extra was surprisingly good.  There was a musty old smell when we first came in to our place and now it smells like its never been used.  The maid, I forgot her name sorry!, was even nice enough to get rid of some expired sauces that we had.  I've never ever ever EVER had any cleaning person do that for us.  Keep it up!
  • Hey I just wanted to say thanks again for your cleaning while I was away.  Fifi and Juniper also wanted to say thanks for getting their hair off our carpets (they're my cats).  The add-on was nice because I know how much time it takes to get their hair out- it's really a workout.  I could have sworn it's become part of the carpet by now but you managed to get it out somehow.  I think I'll need some more regular cleaning to keep the hair situation manageable. The cleaning on the litter boxes was a nice touch too. All The Best, -Ruth
  • Coming out of winter was pretty rough.  I was like a bear in hibernation and my place was...well..... messy.  My girlfriend told me about you guys and I have to say I'm impressed.  Everything looked great to me, but what really was the stamp of approval was Megan's 'finger-test' and you guys passed!  I'll go with you guys again next spring that is if I last that long, haha.

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